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Security Architecture

SOC (Security Operations Center) Design

There really just isn’t a better way to say it, so… The days of siloed security responsibility is over! Growth means that your company is a bigger target. Developing a plan to ensure that your operations are uninterrupted, that your enterprise is secure and most importantly that your customers can trust you with their information, is integral to success! No matter the form of your growth...from building a new data center, acquiring a new company, implementing a new POS (point of sale) system or growing into new regulatory requirements...we can help. Kyros IS will review your technical and regulatory requirements and tailor a solution that meets your organization's need today, and scales to incorporate your anticipated growth.

Incident Management

All the studies agree that on average most cyber intrusions go undetected for over 200 days. The question that has to be considered is what then? Once a breach has been identified you need an expert team to come in and assist in identifying how you were breached, what was targeted and what critical data has been compromised. Kyros Intelligent Solutions, is that team! KIS will deploy a team of incident response professionals with years of experience across multiple industries. Our team will identify the indicators of compromise, isolate the leveraged vulnerability and eradicate the threat. Once the initial threat has been isolated the KIS team will provide executive after action reports that will provide clear attribution and industry proven mitigations.


The concept of strategically aligning your security mitigation measures throughout your enterprise to ensure maximum confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA) efficacy is what we do. Our proven cyber security best practice implementation methodology is multi-industry, platform neutral, and born of real world front line information assurance and incident response experience.

End-to-End Network Security

We design solutions that ensure your critical data is secure regardless of whether it is on your corporate network or an employee’s personal mobile device.

    • Network attack detection and prevention solution implementation

    • Secure data segregation and network segmentation

      • Secure third party and remote access connectivity solutioning

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Security Tool Optimization

Our team of experienced security engineers provide professional services that can evaluate your organization’s disparate security tools, and identify security gaps and tuning inefficiencies. We provide guidance that ensures your security team is most effectively shrinking your corporate attack surface by integrating existing security tools and making recommendations on means for expanding enterprise visibility. We focus on maximizing the effectiveness of your current tools before discussing buying new tools. Furthermore, our focus is helping your organization to:

    • Reduce malware dwell time

    • Reduce event response time

    • Increase enterprise visibility

    • Optimize security event response orchestration

    • Maximize security tool functionality

Security Operations

Incident Lifecycle Management

The activities associated with managing a cyber security incident to minimize the potential impact it can have on your organization is heavily dependent on how your security team manages the cyber security incident life cycle. Kyros can provide prompt deployment to identify, contain, eradicate, and restore your normal operations with minimal down time.

Threat Hunting

Improve your organization’s risk posture through security analytics. Kyros Intelligent Solutions can help ensure that you detect threats faster and reduce malicious dwell time. As the Internet of Things (IOT) continues to expand we can help increase your organization’s threat landscape visibility.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence is refined data about the current and potential threats targeting your organization. Kyros Intelligent Solutions can design and support a cyber threat intelligence program corresponding to your industry and security maturity status.

Vulnerability & Penetration Assessments

Our professionals will help your organization identify business critical network and application weaknesses faster. We perform external penetration testing as well as social engineering awareness training.

Innovative Solutions

If you believe the fragmented firewall network that your predecessor haphazardly put together with a shoe string budget is going to protect your network from persistent threat actors, you should probably start polishing up your resume. The proliferation of cyber terrorism is real and ensuring that your network perimeter is secure is no longer sufficient to ensure your that customer data remains secure. Cyber crime is evolving, so should your cyber defenses. We can help!

Cross-Site Scripting Attacks 43%

Phishing Attacks 54%

Malicious Code 76%

Insider Threat 85%

Other Services

Security Governance

We offer advisory services, IT security control development, security policy management & program strategy.

Digital Forensics

Been breached? Digital forensics is the key to post-breach attribution. Kyros can meet your digital forensic needs including extracting digital artifacts for attribution and/or litigation.


Risk is the intersection of threats, vulnerabilities and business critical assets. Let KIS help you with a solution that will reduce your level of risk and shrink your organization's threat footprint.

Project Management Methodology

Innovation through experience.

  • Integrity and delivery of intelligent solutions are the foundation of our project management process. Astute knowledge of our clientele and industry impact is the framework we use to address every engagement. We support every project with full-organizational representation including a senior level sponsor, technical consultants and business analysts. Bilateral communication, project performance and business readiness are critical. We continuously assess these measures throughout the entirety of each engagement to ensure solution realization.

    Freddie L Wilson Jr., CEO at KIS

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