Benefits Overview

Great talent and hard work are always rewarded at KIS.

The Kyros Difference

We are an organization of consultants, and one of the ways we ensure that we employee and retain the best talent is by making sure the majority of each contract we obtain is used on the talent, not the management.

As a former consultant, an issue that rubbed me the wrong way was finding out that the consultancy was making more per hour from my contractual assignment than I was. At KIS, being as transparent as possible with our consultants is formed into our culture. I believe there is intrinsic value in a consultant understanding his or her worth to both the client and to KIS. We believe that fair and competitive compensation discussed in earnest with our consultants is part of the reason we are an employer of choice! - Freddie L. Wilson, CEO.

Accelerate Your Professional Development

You're a skilled professional, an experienced and successful consultant, or perhaps a recognized leader within your field. You're an exceptional team builder, mentor, and communicator; your're looking for fresh challenges, growth, and opportunities. You actually like dealing with clients and get satisfaction from learning about their businesses, processes, and challenges. After you truly understand clients' needs you can't wait to get started on their solutions. Since you are a person that thrives on the fulfillment of a job well done; loves finding solutions that aren't obvious; and enjoys creating new ways of approaching problems that result in brilliant outcomes; KIS is the place for you!

At Kyros IS, we offer a work environment where you set the high bar for excellence and achievement for yourself, for us, and for our clients; and we help you surpass that bar. In our mentor/coach based environment, you will lead innovative, high-profile projects where you can flex your creativity, knowledge and skills. You will even play a key role in planning our future growth.

Work Life Balance - More Than A Slogan

At KIS we believe that our most important assets are our people. In our experience the best employees are the ones that have a consistent balance between the hard work of creating security solutions for our clients, and the hard work of raising their families, pursing educational goals, and cultivating healthy social lives.

We make the real effort of ensuring the best fit for our staff and client placed workforce. We consider the impacts of placements on employees' home lives. As a result, we offer remote work opportunities, considerable vacation leave, and holiday pay to all our hourly employees.

Next, we work hard to maintain open lines of communication so employees can attend important events like a child's recital or out of town track meet, without employees losing money. We do so by offering flexible work schedules and compensatory time off.

Medical, Dental, and Vision Benefits

At KIS we understand the importance of being able to support your family. Beyond base salary, you need to be able to provide your family with the essential benefit of healthcare that is affordable and provides a level of insurance coverage that ensures you will not lose your home or life savings should someone in your family become ill.

We offer our full-time and consulting employees quality benefit options after just ninety (90) days of continuous service. Each employee and consultant has the option to elect a medical, dental, and vision plan that is best suited for their personal situation.


A great place to work.


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