About Us

We know Cyber Security

Our Mission

Kyros Intelligent Solutions’ mission is to become the pinnacle of excellence in cyber security solutions delivery. Our goal is to provide each of our customers with: professional and agile service; innovative engineering; impenetrable security solutions; and uniquely-qualified consultants who provide results that consistently exceed expectations.

The Kyros Way

At the heart of Kyros Intelligent Solutions is advanced architecture which demands incorporating developing technologies and arming Kyros with cyber security experts, best practices and innovative staffing; coalescing in The Kyros Advantage for cyber security solutioning. Our solutions model addresses the current talent shortage of qualified cyber security professionals and closes the gap between available resources and new and developing technologies. The result is generation of complete and compliant cyber security solutions for enterprise-size organizations that are agile, expandable and most importantly secure.

Our People

Our technical staff are highly credentialed professionals, many of which possess advanced degrees or professional certifications in disciplines such as: computer science, computer engineering, mathematics, software engineering, electrical engineering, and operations research. Our corporate and business staff are among the best in the industry, valued for their expertise, responsiveness and attention to detail.

Our Company

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Kyros Intelligent Solutions is a veteran-owned information systems service company focused on delivering professional and executive cyber security consulting services, solutions and compliance to small, midsize and startup companies. We aspire to be the first choice for companies that need professional cyber IT services however believe that they do not have the capital to invest in a qualified IT service vendor. We offer a range of professional IT services specializing in four core areas: cyber security staffing services; information security and compliance solutions; infrastructure secure design and support; and secure systems integration.

Kyros Intelligent Solutions offers professional IT services that exceed industry standards. We tailor solutions for each of our customer's individual needs within budget and without detracting from the quality of service provided. Whether your systems are altogether unprotected; are a patchwork of disjointed or outdated protection measures; or you are undergoing a merger, acquisition or other executive transition, we are able to develop a solution that provides comprehensive and seamless security.

The Kyros Difference

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Best Practice Architecture

The rapid and diverse proliferation of cyber threats demand an enterprise approach that implements well researched and proven mitigations. Kyros, is on its way to becoming an authority in cyber security best practices and standard setting.

Customer Centric

Kyros Intelligent Solutions offers premium cyber security services via a customer centric approach. We truly believe in adding customer value through creating solutions tailored to each client’s needs and budget.

Innovative & Agile Solutioning Approach

There are a myriad of ways to accomplish your security goals. Our team has in-depth experience in various emerging cyber security risk methodologies. Kyros is knowledgeable and capable of applying the solutions that are best suited for your organizational needs.

Specialized Industry Staffing Focus

We specialize in cyber security staffing, placing only the most proficient resources. Moreover, our analyst, technicians and architects always have access to mentors that support both their contracted roles and technical development overall. One of our guiding principles is our staffs’ continued development and cyber security community involvement.

Industry Specific Professional Services

Cyber security legal, regulatory and governmental compliance professionals are highly specialized and hard to come by. Through our unique business model, we have established our network of cyber security professionals including but not limited to: digital forensic investigators, forensic accountants and auditors, attorneys, and privacy and risk professionals.

Private and Public Sectors

Healthcare, retail, financial services and local, state and federal government agencies are the primary idustries that we support. Our team has over 60 years of combined cross platform, cross industry cyber security experience. If we haven't done it — we know who has.


We provide service and staffing solutions in the below listed North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes and the corresponding Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes:

NAICS SIC Description
541330 8711 Engineering services
541511 7371 Customer computer programming services
541512 7379 Computer systems design services
541513 7376 Computer facilities management services
541519 7379 Other computer related services
541611 8742 Administrative management and general management consulting services
541618 8748 Other management consulting services
541690 0781 Other scientific consulting services
541990 7389 All other professional, scientific and technical services
541712 N/A Research and development in the physical, engineering, and life sciences (except biotechnology)

Federal Supply Classification codes

We provide federal supplies within the following classifications:

FSC Description FSC Description
7435 Office information systems equipment 7490 Miscellaneous office machines
7520 Office devices and accessories 3590 Miscellaneous service and trade equipment
3610 Printing duplicating and bookkeeping equipment 5805 Telephone and telegraph equipment
5810 Communications security equipment and components 5811 Other cryptological equipment and components
5815 Teletype and facsimile equipment 5820 Radio and television communications equipment
5831 Intercommunication and public access systems 5835 Sound reproduction and reproducing equipment
5836 Video recording and reproduction equipment 5850 Visible and invisible light equipment
5890 Miscellaneous communication equipment 5830 Switches
5865 Headsets, handsets, microphones and speakers 5995 Cable, cords and wire assemblies
5999 Miscellaneous electronic components 6008 Optical multiplexers / demultiplexers
6015 Fiber optic cables 6021 Fiber optic switches
6025 Fiber optic transmitters 6026 Fiber optic recievers
6029 Optical repeaters 6030 Fiber optic devices
6034 Fiber optic modulators / demodulators 6035 Fiber optic light transfer and image transfer devices
6040 Fiber optic sensors 6050 Fiber optic passive devices
Group 61 Electric wire, and power and distribution equipment Group 66 Instruments and laboratory equipment
Group 67 Photographic equipment Group 69 Training aids and devices
Group 70 Automatic data processing equipment (including firmware), software, supplies and support equipment Group 75 Office supplies and devices
Group 76 Books, maps, and other publications Group 99 Miscellaneous

Client Testimonials

  • KIS provided us with a consultant that was an extremely capable resource to assist in the development of our Security Operation Center (SOC) policy governances, develop security incident response processes, and train our security personnel on incident response security best practices.

    Financial Services Provider, Pittsburgh, PA
  • One determination of our internal assessment in preparation for our external audit, was that we needed to identify where all of our sensitive data was housed. We contracted KIS to architect a data loss prevention solution to detect the potential presence of cardholder data at rest across our payment solution infrastructure. KIS provided this solution in time to meet our audit deadline.

    Fortune 1000 Shoe Retailer, Columbus, OH
  • We consulted Kyros Intelligent Solutions, in partnership with IBM, to design and implement our centralized security operations program, develop our security framework, standardize our SOC governance, standardize and document newly adopted security processes, design an incident response plan and procedures, and train our security personnel on information security best practices.

    State of Ohio / IBM
  • Kyros Intelligent Solutions designed, developed and implemented our Security Operations Center. Not only were they able to meet all our security requirements, they did it under budget and in less time than we knew possible.

    Financial Service Provider, Carmel, IN

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